Hotel Group Sales Strategies: How To Attract Corporate and Group Bookings

The group sales (corporate and group booking) are usually beneficial to hotels. This is because they are heavy spenders when it comes to hotel bookings. Due to these reasons, there are a lot of competitions among hotels to attract this kind of group sales. The demand for group business has increased and if any hotel wants to attract these groups of businesses, their hotel marketing, and sales strategies must be overhauled.

When it comes to group business, there are a lot of factors to consider in place. There are usually some checklists to follow when hoteliers try to get a good deal for their group clients. Below we are going to discuss some of the hotel group sales strategies that hoteliers can use to attract corporate and group bookings.

Identify Your Market


First and foremost, you need to understand your hotel and the facilities you have before you start looking for corporate and group bookings. Consider these: What type of events and conferences can your hotel handle? Do you have a large meeting and conference room? Can your hotel handle a wedding event? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself first before hustling for group business.

If you are a small hotel you should probably avoid large events but rather focus on small groups. This could be a group of working people looking for a break from their work or a group of students on a vacation. When you have identified your target market then you can focus your energy on attracting this group of businesses. The most important thing is identifying what your hotel can offer.


Keep A Close Watch On Your Competitors


Once you have identified your target market and understand the type of group business you can handle, it is time to study your competitors and understand what they are doing. Ask these questions: What are they doing differently from you? How are their reviews and testimonials? Can you do better than your competitors? Group sales bring in a lot of revenue to hotels, therefore you can’t afford to not keep a close watch on your competitors. When you lose a Request for Proposal (RFP) it will go to your competitors, so you should understand why your competitors are getting the group sales. Maybe it is your pricing strategy?  


Attend Trade Shows, Exhibitions, and Conferences

Trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences are the hustling ground where you can get group businesses. Take this opportunity as a hotelier and attend these events. This is where you will meet event planners, wedding planners, and corporate groups, and you can start setting up direct communication with them.


Responding With Strong Event Proposals


When submitting your event proposals, make sure you communicate the value that guests will experience if they trust you for their group business. Poor communications can make you lose out on a group sale. Show images when required and reference past events to prove that the event will be successful.

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In conclusion, focus on revenue when pushing for group sales. Make sure you are offering the right rate. This is because the rate you offer may not change throughout that year and you need to make sure you are making a profit. Avoid offering an extremely low rate just to attract group sales. Also, try to include your hotel’s F&B in your group sales strategy.

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