Hotel Instagram Strategy: How To Maximize Your Instagram Marketing

With the increase in mobile technology, people are now dependent on their mobile for their day-to-day activities. They use their smartphone gadget to take photos everywhere they are. Interestingly, most of these photos find their way to Instagram. Also, the majority of travelers these days are young people. These young people always check on their Instagram to decide where to travel and what to do.

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So, as a hotelier, you should seize this opportunity and make your hotel Instagrammable. To do so, you must first create your own Instagram page. Then, you can post pictures of your hotel and also about your guests enjoying themselves at your hotel. Check out some of the hotel's Instagram strategies that your hotel can use.


Switch to a Business Profile

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Instagram has made it possible for businesses on Instagram to create a business profile. Though, it is not much different from a personal profile. The main differences are that you can add your business location, your address, and contact details. You can also add your website to make it easier for guests to visit your website. You can use this opportunity to add a link to your booking engine. With a business profile, you can also view the data insight of your followers like their locations, gender, etc. So, it is important to switch to a business profile on your Instagram page to further differentiate you from a personal profile. 


Make Your Hotel 'Instagrammable'

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If your guests can’t find a place around your hotel to take pictures for their Instagram, then you have to do something about it. Try to redesign your hotel to make sure it is Instagrammable. You don't have to fully renovate your hotel. That will cost you a lot! Just redecorate your hotel to accommodate your guests and potential guests who love photo-taking. You can take some inspiration from The 50 Most Instagrammable Places In The World 2019. If people can enter your hotel and immediately feel the need to pick up their smartphones, take pictures, and post them on Instagram, then you are doing pretty well in promoting your hotel. When this happens, they will post your hotel pictures on Instagram. This action will attract more potential guests to your hotel. Instagram has over one billion active monthly Instagram users as of 2019. You should take this opportunity to strategically market your hotel.


Collaborate with Influencers

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There are many Instagram influencers out there. As a hotelier, you can choose from any one of them. But when it comes to influencers for your hotel Instagram strategy, you have to make sure you choose the right person. Make sure you are choosing someone who fits with your hotel brand identity. For example, if your hotel is a luxury hotel, make sure you choose an influencer who posts about luxury vacations. Also, make sure their followers are real followers. Check the influencers' engagement and how their response to their followers. Agree with the influencers on the payment method or the service you will provide them before they start posting your pictures and down-graded your hotel reputation.

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You can also advertise on Instagram. You can have a budget for Instagram ads. With an Instagram ad, you can increase your followers. Use location and relevant hashtags when posting images on your Instagram page. Also, you can increase your engagement with people who are visiting your Instagram page, which will then result in more direct bookings.


To Conclude

In conclusion, for your hotel's Instagram strategy to be successful, you need to always engage with your followers on your Instagram page. Reply to their comments and feedback. That's how social media works. 

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