The Next Big Thing In Hotel Industry

Time has changed when the hotel industry lacks behind in terms of technology adaptations. These days the hotel industry is at the forefront of technology implementations. Each year brings its own wave of smart technology to the hotel industry. Due to the competition in the hotel industry and the need to provide better guests' experiences, hoteliers try their best to adapt to these technologies. Hoteliers actually pay attention to new technology trends and adapt to them when necessary.

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One thing for sure, hotel technology plays a major role in almost all aspects of the hotel industry, from hotel operations to marketing, and fulfilling guest expectations. In this article, we will discuss the next big things in the hotel industry with a focus on hotel technology.


Artificial Intelligence 

Many technologies are now being driven by artificial intelligence or AI. Hotels are now implementing many AI technologies. These technologies include chatbots, voice-enabled devices used in hotels, and also robots. Digital room assistance using AI can assist guests in their room. It can help with dining, control the room lights, TV, temperature, and music. Some hotels are already implementing this digital room assistance. An AI robot can deliver food, beverages, toiletries, etc. As AI keeps enhancing, many hotels are beginning to adopt them.

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Blockchain Technology

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No doubt blockchain technology is not going anywhere, but rather it is one of the next big things coming up in the hotel industry. Although many hotels have not started adopting this technology, there's a tendency to show that they will soon start adopting it. Blockchain technology will greatly improve the guest’s loyalty program and greatly affect the war between hotels and OTAs. Also, very importantly the blockchain technology will be more resistant to hackers. It will greatly increase security in the hotel industry. Let’s watch out for this blockchain technology as it may soon become a trend in the hotel industry. 


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

This technology of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has come to stay. It is changing how hotels sell their hotel rooms and features. AR and VR can give travelers a three-dimensional feel for a hotel room, the hotel itself, its event spaces, and the surrounding environment. With VR guests can view in 360 degrees of the hotel rooms and facilities, thus, changing how they make up their decision to lengthen their stay with you. This VR technology help guests to picture themselves in your hotel, imagining things in their mind. This feeling makes them excited and in return, makes them want to book with you. Both AR and VR when using properly for marketing purposes can help guests to differentiate between hotels making them well-informed, and in turn, inspired their booking decision.



Self-check-in and check-out are becoming a trend in the hotel industry. Hotels are now allowing guests to check-in and check-out using their mobile devices. When this happens, it will help the hotel front desk to manage their guests better especially during peak seasons. This action will enable the guests to have a memorable experience, as they do not have to queue up at the front desk during check-in and check-out.


Mobile Key Cards

The next big thing in the hotel industry is mobile key cards. The era of plastic key cards is slowly going away. Some hotels are already adopting mobile key cards. Mobile key cards help hotels to save money from printing plastic key cards and managing the key card inventory. Furthermore, guests do not have to worry about key card loss or the incidence of theft.

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Final Words

With evolving technologies, the hotel industry seems to have a major impact. Understanding the opportunity of what these technologies could offer and taking chances of them to stay as ahead of your competitors. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch out for these technologies.

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