Hotel Technologies Trends in 2020

Technology is changing people’s way of living. Every industry is embracing the benefit that technology has to offer. The hospitality industry is not being left out either. The hotel sector is one of the sectors that are using technology to enhance the efficiency of their operations. Also, the use of technology in a hotel will make the guest experience more memorable. This article outlines some of the hotel technologies trends in 2020 that every hotelier should know.


Mobile Room Keys

Mobile technology is rapidly developing day by day. The hospitality industry is taking advantage of this development. Currently, most hotels use key cards that are easily damaged and get lost. With the recent introduction of mobile room keys, guests can install the hotel mobile app on their smartphones. With this mobile app, guests can get access to their hotel room with the help of their phones. These mobile room keys will save the hotel money from making key cards and making it convenient for guests to get access to their room.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

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The virtual reality technology is becoming more popular nowadays. The hospitality industry is now adopting these virtual reality technologies. For example, most luxury hotels have started offering a 360-degree view of their hotel on their website. With VR technology, guests can get a whole view of the hotel premises and facilities. This will encourage the guest to make a fast booking decision. The application of VR technology can also be utilized by hotels to entertain their guests. This can surely give the guest an amazing experience.


Smart Reserved Parking

Car parking is usually an issue with most businesses. The hotel industry also faces these car parking-related challenges. The hotel needs to provide parking for their guests for the few nights they are going to spend at their hotel. With the smart reserved parking hotel technology trend, guests can reserve their parking space in advance. This will enable the hotel to assign a parking space to a guest even when the guest has not yet arrived in the hotel. This technology helps the hotel to save the labor cost of manually managing parking space and create a pleasant guest experience. 


Smart Room Service

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Currently, when guests need something from the hotel, they will usually use the hotel’s telephone room service. But with smart room service, guests can access the hotel food menu from their phone, communicate with hotel staff, and make their orders using their smartphones. Hotels can also send push notifications to guests when they are in their rooms and request their orders. These notifications can be based on the guest's previous orders or popular suggestions. Take for example you know what your common guests usually order, their favorites meals, and their preferred time of order. Then, you can take this opportunity to send push notifications and remind the guest that the hotel is ready to take their orders.


Remote Check-In and Check-Out Process

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Guests can check-in and check-out from their rooms with their mobile phones. This will help the hotel front desk staff by making their work easier. The remote check-in and check-out process allow guests to manage their room stay efficiently without the need to be present at the front desk. No queuing up is required and front office staff can better manage hotel guests.


To Conclude

These are just a few hotel technologies trends in 2020 that we suggest hotels should consider adopting to deliver better guests' experiences during their stay. As a player in the hotel industry, you must keep updated with the latest trends in the hotel industry and evolving technology.

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