VingCard Hotel Door Lock System

VingCard is a hotel door lock system. We found that VingCard magnetic key cards and RFID key cards popular among hotels in Malaysia. If you are looking for a supplier, we have compiled the list of VingCard suppliers in Malaysia here.

In general, a hotel door lock system can be divided into three main components:

  • Hotel Key Card that controls the access
  • Hotel Door Lock that secures the room and verifies and grant the access
  • Hotel Key Cards Management Software that issue, encode and control the access

The Hotel Key Cards

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VingCard has two types of hotel key cards

  • Magnetic key card
  • RFID key card

Magnetic key cards are popular and widely used in the hotel that is built in the '90s. To date, most of the hotels use RFID key card because it's more secure as it stores more information (encrypted data).

VingCard can be an issue and encode at the hotel front desk, normally during check-in. During the check-in, the key card will be encoded to grant access to your hotel room. Each access has a validity period (so the card access only valid during the guest's stay). That means, even if your guest lost the card, anyone who has the card later won't be able to open the room after it has expired.


The Hotel Door Lock

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VingCard Hotel Door Lock has 4 main categories

  • VingCard Classic
  • VingCard Signature
  • VingCard Essence
  • VingCard Allure

We've compiled a more detailed comparison of VingCard door locks here.

Choose your door lock based on your budget and your door dimensions. Factor in also your security requirements (e.g. number of access log history required). In terms of design, you will be given few options to choose from, you may customize the handles, knob, and coating. We suggest you go with something durable and small in physical footprint as it's easier to maintain. Do consider the popularity of such categories in your area as popular products normally have better price points and have better technical support. Here's the list if you are looking for a supplier and technical support.


The Hotel Key Cards Management Software


To manage the keys and the doors, software named VingCard Vision can be used. It's a PC software that you will need to install. Unfortunately, there's no web version yet.

Basically, the core functionalities of the software are to:

  • Manage door locks
  • Manage key cards
  • Control key card accesses and user groups

You must train your front desk on VingCard Vision, especially for the following

  • Check-in and issue a key card to a guest
  • Re-verify and re-encode a key card for a guest (in case, somehow, the key lost its data)
  • Make sure your front desk know how to manage the cards

For a manager, make sure you know how to

  • Control user access with the software. The software has the functionality to make master key and override rules, password protect it so only the right person-in-charge get the access
  • Control user group so cards with the right access are issued to the right user
  • Learn how to train your front desk

For auditor, make sure you do

  • Run a regular audit on the room access and look for anomalies
  • Run regular key resets and also user group audit with manager

VingCard User Manual



Hotel door lock system which used commonly in almost all hotels. VingCard magnetic key cards and RFID key cards are now getting more popular within Malaysia. The above blog is all the information about the Ving Card hotel door lock system that you need to know or if you are interested to know. Hope this information benefit you one or two!

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