Vingcard Vision

Vingcard Vision is the software of the Vingcard hotel door lock system. Its core function is to manage the hotel door keys. Vingcard itself is a popular hotel door lock system, they design and sell the following types of a hotel door key

  • hotel magnetic key card
  • RFID key card

As of now, Vingcard does NOT support pin code door keys like the popular digital door lock systems. We've compiled a list of door locks that is compatible with VingCard Vision software.

Notes: Here's the contact of Vingcard Suppliers in Malaysia

Core functionalities of Vingcard Vision

  • Manage door locks
  • Manage key cards
  • Control key card accesses and user groups


Screenshot of Vingcard Vision



Variants of Vingcard Vision

Vingcard Vision has two variants. Basic is suitable for a boutique hotel with less than 300 rooms and are not using web-based PMS. For a hotel that is using web-based PMS, you will need to go for the Advanced version.

  • Vision Basic
    • 300 maximum number of locks
    • 32 user groups
    • 4-time tables
    • 10,000 maximum number of locks
    • 256 user groups
    • 8-time tables Vision Advanced


Versions of Vingcard Vision & User Manual

As of now, Vingcard Vision runs on PC. No web application is available. Below are the latest major versions with its user manual (PDF)


Screenshot of hotel room check-in control using Vingcard Vision



Screenshot of hotel's employee key cards control and access management



Screenshot of Vingcard Vision dashboard



How PMS interface with VingCard Vision

In general, PMS vendor may interface with VingCard Vision in the following methods

  • via RS232 (a.k.a serial cable)
  • via TCP/IP (a.k.a local network or public network if the hotel has a fixed IP address)

VingCard do provide SDK for integration. More information can be found in the user manual provided in the section above.

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