What To Consider Before Deciding On A Hotel Payment Gateway

There is a lot to consider before deciding on a payment gateway for your hotel. You should make sure you do your research before picking a payment gateway. This is because payment gateways have to do with your guest’s payment information. So, the payment gateway you choose should be able to put the security of your guest’s payment details first. Many property management systems (PMS) allow third-party integration for hotel ease. This also includes payment gateway integration. In this article, we are going to discuss what to consider before deciding on a hotel payment gateway.

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Security and Fraud Management

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Online payment has made payment easier and more convenient. But people are usually worried about how secure their payment details are whenever they key in their details online. Thus, it is your responsibility as a hotelier to select a payment gateway that will secure the details of your guests. Hackers are always trying to gain access to guests' payment details. So, it is important to invest in a payment gateway that takes security and fraud management very seriously.


Transparent Transaction and Service Fees

Transparent transaction and service fees are features of a hotel payment gateway which is very important for a hotelier to know before deciding on any payment gateway. You should find out all the transaction and service fees that the payment processor charges. Ask for the breakdown and make sure you have understood all the transaction and service fees before making a decision.

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Some payment processors charge for refunds or international cards. Also, some companies might charge you in case you didn’t reach a certain minimum amount of payment. You should make sure you understand all these charges before you jump in with a payment processor. The strategy here is to choose a payment gateway that costs and fees are very transparent. This will make sure you are not surprised when you receive your monthly statement.


Reputation and Brand Acceptance

Your guests also do their research on hotel payment gateways. The reputation of the payment gateways matters. Make sure you talk to people, do your research, and read online reviews about these payment gateways before making any decision. You need to make sure you select a payment gateway with a good reputation and accepted widely. This will give your guests peace of mind when making their payments to book your rooms.


International Support

Being in the hotel industry, most of your guests come from different countries. So, you have to choose a payment gateway with international support. You also have to find out the cost of your payment gateway when they process international cards. Some payment gateway also charges to convert currencies. So, make sure the payment gateway you choose is transparent about their cost and fees.


To Conclude

As you consider these kinds of features for your hotel payment gateway, never look behind the simple matters of your chosen payment gateway. Things like good customer service, easy setup, and the speed of payment processing should also be considered. In other words, plan carefully before deciding on a payment gateway that really suits your hotel needs.

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