What To Consider Before Running Your Hotel Facebook Ads

Facebook is a kind of social media networking any hotelier can’t ignore. Facebook has billions of active users daily. If you are looking for social media to run your hotel ads, then Facebook should be your number one choice. The targeting options on Facebook has made it possible for hoteliers to reach travelers with Facebook ads. You can create Facebook ads by selecting the interest of the people, their location, or their language. Here are some tips on what you need to consider before running your hotel Facebook ads. You can check out the video below on how to run hotel Facebook ads

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Research to Find Your Ideal Market

It is important as a hotelier that you know who is your target market. Doing any promotion or advertisement blindly without knowing whom to target for won’t do any good for you. You should know your target market before running any ads on Facebook. If you skip this step and go straight to creating your Facebook ads, then you won’t be able to get the result you are aiming for.
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Discover the Best Type of Facebook Ads for Your Hotel

Facebook offers different types of ads to help you in achieving your objective. So before diving into Facebook ads, try to identify the type of ads and format you will be using. Facebook even has video ads type if you want to showcase the beauty of your hotel to your potential guests. Before deciding on the type of ads to use make sure to consider your goals.

Choose Your Ads Objective

There are many reasons people advertise on Facebook. Some people want to create brand awareness and increase likes on their Facebook page. While some want to increase the number of visits to their website page. Others may be advertising because they want their audience to download their app. The objective you decide on your hotel Facebook ads depends on what your hotel is trying to achieve. Thus, it is important that you decide on the goals you want to achieve before starting to create Facebook ads to promote your hotel.

Make the Most of Facebook's Travel Targeting Options

You can target your ads based on the audience you are focusing on. You can target people on Facebook based on their traveling interests, age, occupation, location, or language use. Make sure you decide the target you want to focus on before creating your Facebook ads. Make the most of those options so that you know what personas you are targeting at.

Go Mobile

You should optimize for mobile when running your hotel Facebook ads. This is because most people use Facebook on their mobile devices. If you didn’t optimize your Facebook ads for mobile, then those using mobile devices won’t be able to see your ads. Facebook gives you the ability to create ads that will be displayed on all the devices. Take that opportunity and make sure your ads are visible on all devices.


To Conclude

When marketing your hotel using Facebook ads you need to be creative enough in designing ads that could directly attract people's attention the moment they see your ads. But make sure you are creating ads based on your hotel budget. Most importantly, evaluate your result before starting another ad campaign.


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