Will Hotel PMS Ever Rule The Hotel Industry?

There was once a time when hoteliers were all using spreadsheets and reservation books to manage their bookings. Those days hoteliers collect limited information from guests. The front desk staff only managed to collect information like names, phone numbers, email, addresses, rooms, and arrival times. And this information is usually either in a booklet or kept save in the hotel computer. That means these details can only be accessed from the hotel premises.


But recently, the Property Management System (PMS) has taken over. Any serious hotelier who wants to fill his or her room and make more profit needs to invest in a good PMS. You may be wondering if hotel PMS will eventually rule the hotel industry. Read on to see the reasons why we think it will.


Real-Time Monitoring and Easy Communications

Gone are the days when hoteliers needed to be physically present at the premises of their hotel to manage it. These days a hotelier can manage his property from any location he is. This real-time monitoring was made possible by PMS. They can view their room occupancy; they can adjust rates, and view room availability. They can also review their staff performances. PMS has also made communications easy.


Different hotel departments can easily communicate to serve guests better. Also, PMS enables the hotel staff to communicate easily with the guests. Some exchanges with guests can also be carried out automatically. For example, automatic email reminders remind guests of their check-in date. It will make hotelier works easier and create better guest engagement.


Streamlined Check-In / Check-Out, Booking, and Billing

Some guests usually get frustrated when the check-in and check-out process takes time to complete. When a guest arrives at your hotel after spending hours on the plane, they don’t expect another delay during the check-in process. But with a good hotel PMS, these processes have been streamlined. Guests can even check in on their own with their mobile.


Also, with a good hotel PMS, the booking and billing processes have been streamlined. Guests can easily make their booking and pay for their booking easily. PMS has made it easy for guests to make their bookings with any device they are using. They can also make these bookings and payments at their own convenient time.   


Mobile and Facebook Booking

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The high rate of mobile technology is taking over the lives of people. Guests spend more time on their mobile devices these days. And because of this, guests use their mobile to make their bookings. PMS has mobile versions that allow guests to make their bookings.


Also, the booking engines in the PMS can be integrated on Facebook. Guests can easily do a direct booking on Facebook and make payments. Many travelers and guests are actively using Facebook. So, this feature is very important.  


Multiple Payment Options

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PMS has made it possible for hoteliers to collect payment through multiple sources. Guests can pay with multiple cards. Also, guests can make payments through internet payment and mobile payment. Internet payments like PayPal and mobile payments like Apple pay and google wallet are becoming popular nowadays.


In conclusion, it has come to that stage where a hotel can’t do better without a hotel PMS. A hotel without a PMS is like a hunter without a gun. It shows that PMS is here to stay and will be ruling the hotel industry.

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