Hotel Front Desk Software: Why You Need The Latest One?

Hotel front desk software is an important tool for front desk staff to manage their task efficiently. By having front desk software or so-called Property Management System (PMS), your staff will be able to handle day-to-day tasks like guest check-in and check-out, housekeeping checklist, room reservations, room availability management, and other functions in a single platform.

This will help in avoiding human error and manual data entry challenges since most of the things will be automated by the system. The moment you use PMS, you will soon realize how much time you save and less effort needed to stay organized.

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Not to forget that technology is growing and changing, neither does the business. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons why you need the latest hotel front desk software for you to grow your business effectively.

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PMS and Channel Manager Integration

Ever since technology has changed the landscape of the hospitality and tourism industry, and we are now in the year 2021, many hotels have already adopted smart hotel solutions for their business. However, we believe that there are thousands of hotels outside there that missed out on this opportunity, haven’t yet adopted the technology, and maintain the manual work in the daily operation. 

Despite the above mentioned, we know that every hotel's business end goals want to maximize their hotels' revenue. It can be achieved by reducing unnecessary costs, avoiding human errors, driving more bookings and selling maximum inventory. 

In this article, we are going to talk about Property Management System (PMS) and Channel Manager, how both of them work and connect to your online distribution channels so that they can help you to increase more hotel revenue. 

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How to Measure and Analyze the Performance of Content Marketing

To have successful and effective content marketing is not an easy process. So, it is very important for you to analyze and measure the results of the content marketing campaign, you can make the necessary adjustments on the next project to get a better result.

So, how to determine the success of your content? Here are some guidelines that will help you to better understand measuring and analyzing your performance by looking at these 3 different elements.


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Content Marketing Strategy For Hotel

Content Marketing is not just about creating content and distributing it. It needs an effective content marketing plan and strategy for you to think about. Who you want to target, how much you are willing to spend, what’s your goal, what you wanted to achieve, and so on.

Here are the 6 elements that you should take into consideration to have successful content marketing for your hotel.

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Mobile Friendly Hotel Website

When websites were first designed and developed, they were pretty much built to be navigated on a desktop or computer. In this digital age, most browsing activities are done via smaller devices especially smartphones. Thus, websites need to be mobile responsive to make it easy for users to navigate. 

The growth of technology makes the definition of mobile-friendly changed especially when it comes to website design and development. To better understand, a mobile-friendly website means that the website performs well on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. 

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Hotel CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System, it refers to software that allows users to easily manage the content of their website including information, text, and images. CMS usually requires very little technical to none IT skill. In other words, CMS gives users the access to amend the content of their website without the need to have coding or programming knowledge.

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Content for Hotel Website

The study found that most leisure travelers decide which hotel they want to stay at after visiting the hotel website.

A hotel website can be the main site for both hotel and guests to source the information and get more details where they can’t find that information from other sites like OTA.

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Importance of Hotel Website

Nowadays, people heavily rely on the use of the internet to find information. They crave instant and complete information. 

Having your own hotel website can be so much helpful to your hotel business. It can be one of your marketing strategies, how your hotel can be different from your competitors and how to stay competitive in the market. 

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Booking Engine for Hotels

Hotel Booking Engines

A hotel booking engine is a system installed on a hotel website or other platforms like Facebook. Simply say, a booking engine should allow your rooms to be sold through:  

  • your own hotel website
  • other platforms you own like Facebook, Blogpost, etc

Throughout this article, you will get to know the main functions, the benefits of having own hotel booking engine, the guideline on how to do the comparison and what you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.  

The purpose of having a hotel booking engine is to allow guests to make a reservation at their convenience and to secure the booking through an online process. 

No matter what size of your hotel business, if you want to maintain your business and remain competitive, your hotel must not be operating without a hotel booking engine! 

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Hotel Booking Software

What is hotel booking software?

Hotel booking software is a software application where the guest is allowed to create bookings or make reservations online for themselves or on behalf of others. In this article, we summarized the main functions of hotel booking software and talk about other additional features that you should look into when you choose a booking engine for your hotel.

Hotel booking software is not specific to hotel websites only, in fact, it could be installed on other platforms too, such as Facebook and Blogspot.

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