Smart Resort Marketing Strategies

The competition among resort owners is tense, every resort wants to fill their rooms and maximize profit. The challenge of getting a guest usually falls on the marketing team. Sometimes the marketing team runs out of ideas and gets frustrated when their effort is not yielding a positive result. But with the right strategy and some marketing budget, it will be easier to attract guests to a resort. 


Below we are going to discuss some of the smart resort marketing strategies that can help resort owners to increase their resort bookings and generate more revenue. If done right, then you can say goodbye to empty resort rooms.


Be Searchable Online

Truth be told, we are in the internet era. People can easily do a Google search online before making any booking decision. These days, it is not enough to only have a website and social media pages. Your hotel needs to be present online.

Do some research on SEO so that your hotel can appear on the first page any time people are searching for a resort to book. Also, make sure you have a Blog page on your website where you publish relevant articles related to your resort location and relevant information that can answer related questions you usually receive from your resort guests. It will be difficult for your resort to get any direct booking if you are not easily searchable online. Correspondingly, list your resort on business directories and pay attention to your online reviews. Reply to questions and respond to your guest comments online. All these actions will help push your website to the front page of the search engines.

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Make Sure You Are Targeting the Right Audience

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One of your important focuses for resort marketing strategies should be to target the right audience. For example, you are in the business of selling wedding gowns, but you are marketing your business to married people, then you are not only wasting your time but also your resources. So, for your resort, you need to first determine who are your audience then focus your attention on them. If you do this, you will see some changes in your room bookings and your resort revenue. Your audience may be tourists, couples, family, groups, etc. Knowing your audience is very important and should not be overlooked. 

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Allocate More Marketing Budget During Peak and Holiday Seasons

This is another important resort marketing strategy every resort owner and the marketing team should know. As a resort owner, you must have known when your busy period i.e. your peak booking seasons. This is the period you need to allocate more marketing budget because many guests will be looking forward to a resort to book during these peak seasons. Peak seasons usually are related to booming room rates. Thus, if you do your job right, your resort may have a full booking and make more profit during these seasons.

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Provide Incentives to Get People Interested

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Sometimes you have to ask yourself a question, which is, why should guests book your resort rather than your competitors. If you can’t answer that then you have to provide some incentives to attract guests to your resort. It can be an early-bird discount, free spa and massage session, etc. Such tactics are beneficial especially during low seasons where your resort normally has a small number of visitors. Attract guest’s attention to your resort by providing extra incentives to their stay.

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To Conclude

A resort is a place where people head for vacation, relaxation, or simply to escape from their busy lifestyle. Learn from our tips here and personalize your own resort marketing strategies to provide a more meaningful stay to your guests.

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