Hotel Sales Strategies To Boost Revenue

Every hotelier needs to implement a sales strategy. It is part of revenue generation for hotels. Before any hotel can successfully implement a sales strategy, they should first identify their target market. Without understanding your hotel target market, you may be promoting the wrong people. Identifying and understanding your target market will make sure that all your sales strategy is focused on the right kind of guests. Then only you can implement your sales strategy. This article is written with a focus on hotel sales strategies to boost your hotel revenue.


Group Sales Strategy

The objective of getting into the idea of group sales strategy is to get group bookings. But firstly, you need to make sure your hotel can cater for group bookings before you start generating ideas for this strategy. Does your hotel have a conference room, a meeting room, or a wedding hall to cater for a party or an event? If your answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to proceed with further planning.

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Group sales strategy can increase your profit and help to fill up your rooms faster especially during the low season. The most cost-effective way to get group bookings is to approach any event planners or wedding planners. You can simply approach them and build a partnership with them to encourage them to bring their group business to your hotel. This is also very good for repeat business. You can offer these planners some incentives that will motivate them to cooperate with for the next events.

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Direct Booking Strategy

Direct booking is a good way to maximize revenue. Through direct booking, hotels can reduce their dependence on OTAs. The high commission required by most OTAs force hotels to shift to direct booking as a much better alternative to get guests book with them. To get into adapting this direct booking strategy, hotels need to have their websites and a booking engine installed at their websites and social media pages.

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Softinn has helped many hotels get direct bookings. With our user-friendly websites and booking engine installed, guests can book directly with the hotel without the need to get through any third party.

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Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Strategy

Up-selling and cross-selling is another sales strategy that can increase your hotel revenue. You can up-sell through room upgrades, free hotel facilities or discounted spa sessions. The objective of up-selling is to up-sell a better version of what your guests already paid for. For cross-selling, you can introduce some of your hotel products and services. Try not to push your sales of products and services to everyone but rather, identify those who need them.


Local Partnership Strategy

Local partnership strategy is a very important sales strategy. Partnering with local tourism boards, restaurants, or travel companies will enable you to attract more guests to your hotel and help to increase your room sales. Through the partnership, guests especially tourists and travelers will be more interested to book their stay with you as they are more excited about activities that they can do. Find out local businesses around your hotel and see which one your guests may be interested in.


To Conclude

In conclusion, for your hotel sales strategy to be successful, you need to showcase the uniqueness of your hotel to your guests. Give them something different from what other hotels could offer them.


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