How To Know When To Change Your Current Hotel PMS

The importance of good PMS cannot be overemphasized. The competition in the hotel industry has made every hotelier insist on a good PMS for their hotel. A hotel PMS encourages you to streamline your hotel daily tasks, manage your employees and increase your income. This is the reason it has a significant influence in deciding the path of success for your hotel business.

Alongside that, a hotel PMS must continue progressing with your hotel developing needs and growing business objectives. If that is not the case, then maybe it is time for you to consider changing your hotel PMS. This article is discussing how to know when to change your current hotel PMS so you could move forward in having one that suits your hotel.

No Automation for Your Operations

One of the main reasons why hotels invest in PMS is to ensure that some of their operations will be automated. Hotels need to send automated booking reminders to their guests. Some other automated tasks include housekeeping tasks and of course, automated emails to guests informing them of the latest hotel promotions and marketing benefits. The thing is, regardless of having a hotel PMS, if you still need to finish the vast majority of your undertakings manually, at that point you need to realize that it is time for you to consider replacing your current PMS.

Overbooking Problems


No doubt, overbooking is one of the main problems for hoteliers. Overbooking does not only cause problems for the hotel staff but also leaves guests with an unpleasant experience. All things considered, on the off chance that your hotel PMS isn't helping you to control them, at that point you should genuinely think about changing your PMS.

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No Access to Your Data

One of the benefits of a good PMS is that it allows the hotelier to get access to their hotel information from anywhere. You don’t have to be a physical presence at your hotel premises to access your guest data and make decisions. You can see reservations, cancellations, bookings from different sources. Also, your revenue and the number of your current hotel guests can be seen over some random period and even your staff's performance. However, if you experience that you cannot get access to your data even after troubleshooting, then you should consider looking for a new PMS to replace your current one.

No Support for Third-Party Integrations

Another feature of a good PMS is that it allows hoteliers to install third-party applications on their PMS. With third-party applications, you can augment your hotel PMS to serve you and your guest better. If your current PMS limits you from integrating useful third-party applications, then you may consider changing it.

Poor Software Support

Also, many hotel PMS providers have poor software support. If you always receive complaints from your client about your PMS and your provider support is poor, then at this juncture, it will be wise as a hotelier to consider replacing your hotel PMS.

Final Words

Many hotels already have hotel PMS. But you should ask this question: are you getting what you want from your PMS? If your answer is no, then it is time to consider replacing your current PMS. Here are some tips on how to choose a PMS that fits your hotel.

If you are still not sure which PMS that you want to choose from, this article Top 5 Hotel PMS will be helpful for you. You may explore their free trial account before you decide. 

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