Social Media Posts Ideas For Hotels

There’s no doubt that social media has become a good place to search for prospective guests for hotels. Social media marketing is one kind of marketing strategy that hoteliers can’t ignore. It is because almost all their customers are using one social media or the other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are gaining more popularity nowadays.

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Sometimes hotel marketers can run out of ideas on what to post on their hotel social media pages. Well, it happens not only for hotel businesses. There are times when the audience doesn't engage with their post. So, they get discouraged and disappointed. Because of these obstacles, some hotels go weeks without a post on their social media pages. Avoid such action, hoteliers! You’re going to have a reduction in the number of guests. Worry no more because here, we will outline some social media posts ideas for hotels.

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What's New About Your Location

As a hotel, one of the creative ideas of your hotel's social media post can be used as the information source of your location. Let your audience know what is happening near your hotel. Attract their attention to stay with your hotel. Events, concerts, or the opening of a new branch of a popular brand near your hotel location are news that can get visitors' attention. A smart move will be to take some pictures and videos if available and inform your audience about these new things coming up in your city. This can encourage your audience to visit your location and as a result of that, they may probably decide to book with your hotel. Always pay attention to the new situation in your location or around the city, and keep your potential guests informed of the latest situation.

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Travel Tips

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When people plan to travel, they usually do a lot of searching on the internet to find information related to their visit. They read a lot of reviews about the destination they are going to. Tourists will usually check to find out if their destination is tourist-friendly. They want to know if the location is safe for tourists, especially among female tourists. There are a lot of travel tips you can find out about your location and share with your social media audience which will be useful to them.


What To Do In Your City

Sometimes people love to travel to a destination where they have not been before. They want to try something new. As a hotel marketer, you can seize this opportunity as a hotel social media post idea and share with your audience from time to time about what to do in your city. For example, you can write an article on the top ten things to do in your city, then publish it on your website. Share the link to that article to various channels include your social media pages. If your audience can plan their trip with the information you share, there is a high probability that they will book with your hotel.


Social Media Contest

Like a hotel, you can always organize a contest and reward the winners with a free night stay, accompanied by free spa and massage sessions. It can be a Mother’s Day contest, etc. No matter what contest ideas you decide to use, make sure you are creative and make sure that the reward is attractive. This action will create more brand awareness.

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Answering FAQs

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Another idea for social media posts is your hotel can consider answering your guests' FAQs. Sometimes guests may ask some questions about your location or even about your hotel facilities and rate. Use this opportunity to answer these questions and share them on your social media pages. Always remember to mix it up, don’t post only text, or only images. Don’t forget videos as well.


To Conclude

Social media is gaining more attention in today’s digital world. How you engage with your audience on social media is very important in determining their likeliness to be your guests. Thus, take advantage of the social media platforms to get closer to your prospective guests.

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