Why Small Hotels Need Cloud-Based Hotel Reservation Software

It is the right time for small hotels to embrace all the things that technology has to offer. Some hoteliers who manage small hotels may think that hotel reservation software will complicate their tasks. This is not the case but rather a cloud-based hotel reservation software will simplify tasks and make the life of hoteliers easier. Investing in a good cloud-based hotel reservation software will help you to give your guest an amazing experience starting from your website when they are booking your rooms and during check-in and check-out process. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why small hotels need cloud-based hotel reservation software.

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Access Anywhere, Any Time


Cloud-based hotel reservation software is based on the cloud. This means you can access it from anywhere and any time you like by logging in through the internet using your mobile phone, tablet or laptops. Therefore, you will not be tied to your hotel front desk but free to attend to other hotel matters. Because of this feature, your guest can also book your hotel from any part of the world at their own convenient time. Cloud-based hotel reservation software works 24 hours making it one of the most important software all small hotels need.

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Update Rates and Availability Across All Booking Sites


A good cloud-based hotel reservation software should be able to update your room rates and your room availability across all your booking sites. These actions will help to eliminate the issue of overbooking and double booking, therefore giving you a peace of mind. The cloud-based hotel reservation software will also manage your guest’s bookings on your website and social media pages. This will result in more direct bookings, which in return increases your revenue.   


No Investment Required For IT Maintenance and Support

If you are using on-premise reservation software you have to first invest in hardware computers in which the reservation software will be installed. Also, you need to invest in IT maintenance and support. But this is not the case for cloud-based hotel reservation software, because the software is based on the cloud. And it can be accessed from anywhere.


Take Reservations Directly From Your Website

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This action is called direct booking. You can accept instant and direct bookings from your hotel websites and social media pages like Facebook. With a cloud-based reservation system, you can also accept mobile bookings. Direct bookings, social media bookings, and mobile bookings are bookings trends that small hotels should no longer ignore if they are serious about filling their rooms and making more profit.

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In conclusion, cloud-based hotel reservations software usually has rooms for third party apps integrations. With cloud-based reservation software, your guests can pay in their currency and also book their rooms, tours, and activities using their local language. This is the beauty of having a cloud-based hotel reservation software compared to on-premise reservation software.

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