Hotel Booking Engine in Indonesia

Booking engine is a system in which the hotel receives a room reservation directly when the guest makes a room reservation through the hotel website or social media, such as Facebook. There are more and more hotels starting to install booking engines on their hotel website or social media because it can increase the hotel revenue by gaining direct booking. Besides that, installing a booking engine can increase the cash flow of your hotels. This is because you can receive the payments from the guests immediately.

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FREE Online Courses for Hoteliers in MCO Period

Locked down at home? Now is your best time to learn. 

We have compiled a list of free online courses and some online Webinars for you  - Hotelier. This is a growing list that will be updated from time to time as we discover new courses. Feel free to suggest new content to be added in the comment section. 

Enjoy and happy learning! 😀

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5 Hotel Booking Add-Ons For Event Hotels

Event hotels focus on generating revenues through events such as weddings, business meetings, celebrations, dinners, and fundraisers. Such big events could definitely bring in more profits to your hotel. Here's where you need some booking add-ons to enhance your hotel website. It helps to give your guests or any event planner an amazing experience when they visit your website. Each add-on you add to your website will bring new functionality to your hotel booking website. Some hoteliers are not aware of the usefulness of hotel booking add-ons that they can invest in. Herein we listed 5 hotel booking add-ons for event hotels. 

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The Next Big Thing In Hotel Industry

Time has changed when the hotel industry lacks behind in terms of technology adaptations. These days the hotel industry is at the forefront of technology implementations. Each year brings its own wave of smart technology to the hotel industry. Due to the competition in the hotel industry and the need to provide better guests' experiences, hoteliers try their best to adapt to these technologies. Hoteliers actually pay attention to new technology trends and adapt to them when necessary.

One thing for sure, hotel technology plays a major role in almost all aspects of the hotel industry, from hotel operations to marketing, and fulfilling guest expectations. In this article, we will discuss the next big things in the hotel industry with a focus on hotel technology.


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This Month's Top Stories About Hotel News

As new hotels keep springing up and chain hotels keep establishing new hotels, there are going to be top stories news daily. Hotels news come from different fields. Some journalists and bloggers always lookout for the latest hotel news and trends. The hotel industry is always pushing to break their previous records. Many are implementing the latest technology available to make their guests' stay more memorable. Herein we listed this month's top 3 stories about hotel news.


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Hotel Booking Engine: Expectations vs. Reality

In this generation, the competition in the hotel industry has made software providers roll out booking engines even when they are not yet ready. Some software providers don’t care about their clients after they have started using their booking engine. Because of this, it is very important to do your research before you decide to invest in any booking engine. Herein, we discuss the expectation vs. reality of hotel booking engines. 

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What To Look For When Deciding On A Booking Engine For Your Hotel

These days a lot of software providers are developing booking engines. And because of this, many booking engines now saturate the market. Sometimes it becomes difficult for hoteliers to decide which booking engine is good for them. Some booking engine providers in their effort to add many features to their booking engine now complicate the software. This complicated software now makes the booking process looks troublesome. Below we are going to discuss some features to look out for when deciding on a booking engine for your hotel.

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Benefits Guest Will Gain From Increase Hotel Direct Booking

These days hoteliers are looking for ways to increase their direct booking. Direct booking from guests will actually increase the revenue of the hotel. No wonder hoteliers are doing everything to make sure they increase their direct bookings. They optimize their website, integrate a good booking engine on their website and social media. They also make sure that the booking engine design integrates seamlessly with the design of their website. They use clear call-to-action buttons and good landing pages. All these actions help in increasing hotel direct booking. But another important way of increasing hotel direct booking is to communicate the benefit of your hotel direct booking to your guests. 

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5 Ways To Increase Your Hotel Revenue In 2020

"How can I generate more revenues for my hotel?"

It is a question that all hoteliers are questioning. Hoteliers want to know how they can increase their hotel revenues, how they can fill their rooms, and make more money. The competition in the hotel industry is becoming fierce day by day. More new hotels are coming up. New technologies are being adopted to make guests stay more comfortable. All these actions taken by hoteliers are just wanted to help them to make more money. Hotels are trying to retain the existing guests and attract new guests to stay in the hotel. So, without further ado, here are 5 ways to increase your hotel revenue in 2020.

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Will Hotel PMS Ever Rule The Hotel Industry?

There was once a time when hoteliers were all using spreadsheets and reservation books to manage their bookings. Those days hoteliers collect limited information from guests. The front desk staff only managed to collect information like names, phone numbers, email, addresses, rooms, and arrival times. And this information is usually either in a booklet or kept save in the hotel computer. That means these details can only be accessed from the hotel premises.

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