Benefits Guest Will Gain From Increase Hotel Direct Booking

These days hoteliers are looking for ways to increase their direct booking. Direct booking from guests will actually increase the revenue of the hotel. No wonder hoteliers are doing everything to make sure they increase their direct bookings. They optimize their website, integrate a good booking engine on their website and social media. They also make sure that the booking engine design integrates seamlessly with the design of their website. They use clear call-to-action buttons and good landing pages. All these actions help in increasing hotel direct booking. But another important way of increasing hotel direct booking is to communicate the benefit of your hotel direct booking to your guests. 

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5 Ways To Increase Your Hotel Revenue In 2020

"How can I generate more revenues for my hotel?"

It is a question that all hoteliers are questioning. Hoteliers want to know how they can increase their hotel revenues, how they can fill their rooms, and make more money. The competition in the hotel industry is becoming fierce day by day. More new hotels are coming up. New technologies are being adopted to make guests stay more comfortable. All these actions taken by hoteliers are just wanted to help them to make more money. Hotels are trying to retain the existing guests and attract new guests to stay in the hotel. So, without further ado, here are 5 ways to increase your hotel revenue in 2020.

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Will Hotel PMS Ever Rule The Hotel Industry?

There was once a time when hoteliers were all using spreadsheets and reservation books to manage their bookings. Those days hoteliers collect limited information from guests. The front desk staff only managed to collect information like names, phone numbers, email, addresses, rooms, and arrival times. And this information is usually either in a booklet or kept save in the hotel computer. That means these details can only be accessed from the hotel premises.

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Why Do You Need To Invest In A Good Resort Management Software?

Running and managing a resort is a challenging task for players in this industry. The best way to gain a competitive advantage is by adapting to technological software. Gone are the days when hoteliers use excel or booking booklets to manage their resorts. During peak seasons and holiday periods, the resort staff are usually overworked and stressed. This is because they were doing everything manually. Investing in resort management software will deliver an exceptional experience to your guests and enhance your overall efficiency through the automation of repetitive tasks. Herein we discuss why you need to invest in good resort management software.

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Hotel PMS and Channel Manager

Have you ever imagined how does the revolution of technology influences room occupancy, hotel revenues, and guest experience? How does the Property Management System (PMS) optimize hotel management?

To understand how technology and the Internet influence the day-to-day functioning of a hotel, it is important to realize the connections between the key components of the data flow chain, namely the PMS, Online Travel Agent (OTA), and Channel Manager.

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Online Hotel Bookings vs. Offline Bookings

The internet has changed people’s behavior. The tourism industry has changed because of the internet. People use the internet to do their research online. Travelers use the internet to compare hotels and their prices when deciding on their vacation destinations. Thanks to the internet as the booking process is no longer the same as before.

Nowadays, booking can be made earlier than the date of the stay. No queuing up at the front desk is required. Travelers can choose which hotel they want to stay based on previous guests. People use the internet to read reviews about the place they want to go to and the things they want to do. Below we are going to discuss the difference between online hotel bookings and offline bookings.

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Hotel Technologies Trends in 2020

Technology is changing people’s way of living. Every industry is embracing the benefit that technology has to offer. The hospitality industry is not being left out either. The hotel sector is one of the sectors that are using technology to enhance the efficiency of their operations. Also, the use of technology in a hotel will make the guest experience more memorable. This article outlines some of the hotel technologies trends in 2020 that every hotelier should know.


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Hotel Management Career: Understanding Different Hotel Management Positions

The hospitality industry is one of the industries with huge employment opportunities. This industry of hotel management has good career opportunities. With many hotel chains opening branches in different cities around the world, you can expect better career opportunities to come your way. Your career in the hotel industry depends on your education and of course, on your experience. Below we are going to discuss some of the hotel management career positions.


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How To Know When To Change Your Current Hotel PMS

The importance of good PMS cannot be overemphasized. The competition in the hotel industry has made every hotelier insist on a good PMS for their hotel. A hotel PMS encourages you to streamline your hotel daily tasks, manage your employees and increase your income. This is the reason it has a significant influence in deciding the path of success for your hotel business.

Alongside that, a hotel PMS must continue progressing with your hotel developing needs and growing business objectives. If that is not the case, then maybe it is time for you to consider changing your hotel PMS. This article is discussing how to know when to change your current hotel PMS so you could move forward in having one that suits your hotel.

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Smart Strategies To Increase Your Hotel Direct Booking

Before talking about ways to increase your property direct bookings, you must believe that direct booking will be beneficial to your hotel. There are many benefits of direct booking to a hotelier. The most obvious one being that it will bring in more profits to your hotel and of course, less dependent on OTAs. It is important to note that, there is no magical strategy that will automatically increase your direct bookings. But rather your direct bookings will come as a result of applying some strategies which we are going to discuss in this article.

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